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TidyBuild FAQs

In TidyBuild, what is a progress payment? and a Variation? and a Retention?

A progress payment is an invoice issued for a portion of the job, typically based on reaching certain milestones.

A variation is a change to the job specifications or scope. For example, if the initial reference is 2803, a variation might be denoted as 2803A.

Retention is the practice of withholding a portion of the payment, typically for a specified period (e.g., 6 months), as outlined in the contract. This is done to ensure there are no issues with the work completed.

What do I see in the Tidy Building quotes section?

If the quote is a fixed price quote (this is determined under the invoicing tab on the quote).If the quote is for Time & Materials, the total of the quoted charges for Time & Materials, minus the cost, will be displayed. It should not appear on the downloaded quote. Ensure you are clicking on “Generate quote” and not “Print“.