Frequently asked questions

General FAQs

How do I delete all my data as a customer?

Once in "production" (not Demo/Trial) environment, there is no formal process for Tidy to "just delete" data. The simplest workaround is to start over with a new Tidy account. Sign up for another free trial, click on the 'Buy Now' button, and follow the sign-up steps again. When it's time to pay, choose the bank deposit option so you won't be charged a second time. Remember, you need a different URL for the new trial. If you want to use your original URL again, please contact our team for help.

You may make use of the Export/Import function to selectively copy the records in tables for

- Customers

- Users

- Suppliers

- Material Items

from your current account to the new account. (If there is any data in there, you will need in the new environment.)

I am about to buy a new computer. Is your system compatible with Macs?

All Tidy software products work well on Mac.

The compatibility of our software is more dependent on the browser being used rather than the type of computer. Almost all browsers will work well, but Google Chrome is probably going be the best. One of our staff members uses the Safari browser on his Mac and hasn’t ever had any issues.

Regarding devices such as the iPhone, our Solutions Specialist can provide more information. However, while we don't have a dedicated app, our software is mobile-friendly.

We have mobile versions for TidyWork, TidyBuild, and TidyEnterprise, but not for TidyStock. TidyStock works on Macs fine and works on all the main browsers: Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.

Do you have hot keys?

There are some hotkeys in development which should ease the data entry process. Contact us and we will inform you about them in advance, as their availability is dependent on the internet browser. If using Google Chrome:

“Alt S” will take you to the Sale Order list.

“Alt A” will create a new Sale, and you will be able to input a customer in the customer box right away.

“Alt ~ “ will take you down to the line-item section, where you can input the material item.

“Tab” x 3 will take you over to the quantity section

“Alt A” will create a new line.

Do you have a workflow template that is in the form of an Infogram?

No, not at this current time.

What will I do because QuickBooks Desktop is being discontinued?

Our Solutions Specialist based at the Tidy Int headquarters in NZ can re format the data to import into Tidy product (e.g., Tidy Stock). Contact our support team to aid this process.

Do you link to ebay for inventory management?

Currently an e-Business connector to the likes of eBay has not been provided by Tidy, although we are investigating this. However, Tidy Stock does have an API that may be used by 3rd party developers to design a connector for your requirements.

Do you link to WooCommerce?

Currently, we do not link to WooCommerce, but it is on our roadmap. However, we do not have a set deadline date yet.

Can we integrate with Shopify?

Currently, we do not link to Shopify, but it is on our roadmap. However, we do not have a set deadline date yet.

Can I copy and paste line items for speed and ease of use?

We cannot copy/clone or template Sales Orders. All new Sales default to one line, but you can easily click "New Item" and populate a new line in a split-second.

Does Tidy connect to a Point-of-Sale terminal?

Currently, Tidy does not have an integration with any point-of-sale software or terminal, but this may be possible in the future because the technical team have this in the pipeline for possible future integrations.

Will the product items be able to have multiple discount codes on customer invoices?

The discount matrix we have relates to pricing levels. Every material item can be assigned different pricing levels (Standard, Bronze). The main issues are:

Each customer can only be assigned one default pricing level.

On a Sale Order, the pricing level chosen applies to every material item on the Sale Order. This means, that you cannot have different pricing levels for different items i.e. bronze pricing for one item and standard pricing for the other item.

We cannot get the pricing level to appear on the invoice, however we can get the pricing level to appear on the Sale Order template. Similar to above, this means the pricing level will only appear at the top level, not for every individual item.

We can work with putting in a discount % manually for each line. However, this may be tedious. These ARE reflected on the invoice.

Why can't I split orders and make child orders? any items I wish to invoice later are being invoiced immediately.

To split off certain items on a Sale order into a Child sale order, the item must have insufficient stock. If you have enough stock stock to complete the Sale, then once you click the Save and Invoice button all of that stock will be invoiced.

Can we have 'add ons'/ codes/ input boxes? We have too much information to fit into the description boxes?

Please contact us with further information via the Support button on the website.

What is the exchange rate update that Tidy puts into the software? Does Tidy update it daily, weekly, etc.?

The customer manually updates the exchange rate as often as needed by clicking the 'New Rate' button. If you want to change the Base currency, contact Tidy.

Would we be able to assign a name/ number/ stock code to each service?

You can set up a service as an unmanaged item with a charge rate. You can ignore stock levels on unmanaged items.

How can I edit unit cost on materials?

If the item is unmanaged, then unit cost can be edited.

If the item is managed, and there is quantity in stock, the unit cost cannot be edited. This is because the Quantity * Unit cost is the value for the item. This value is tracked on your books as a current asset in Xero, under the "612- Stock asset" account.

Can the Tidy engineers turn managed items on and off in the future?

No. We prefer not to allow users to turn Managed items on and off at their discretion. It's a messy workaround, that takes up the engineer's times and the data/ audit history of Managed items is lost every time.

Is there a way to re-upload the attached material list, and make all items unmanaged?

We currently cannot make all Managed items Unmanaged. All audit history and traceability of the material item would disappear. Unmanaged items are more error prone as edits can be easily made, and the value of inventory is not tracked on the balance sheet. It is on our roadmap to have the functionality to "invoice in advance" then complete the order later.

The issue at present is that to invoice the customer, is when the stock is expensed to cost of goods sold. If we don't have the cost value of a managed item, then we cannot invoice it out. To work around this, would it be possible to export the payable invoice as a draft? This means you can receipt the stock in first, then reconcile with the supplier invoice later. The only issue with this is that the cost of the goods from the supplier may be different than the cost of you initially ordered them from on the PO.

How many material items can we have in the Tidy software?

Tidy can handle 10,000 material items- only if their codes/ SKUs and Names are unique.

Which Tidy product is the best for when we only need to manage time, materials and track the resources onto projects?

TidyWork or TidyBuild

Is there a way I can send an invoice to two email addresses in one go?

See below:

Can I purchase stock in foreign currency in TidyStock?

Yes, and you can manually put in the exchange rates (it‘s not a live feed to real time exchange rates).

When there is an enquiry from a potential customer, we want a seamless process for it to go from enquiry, to quote and then to a delivery note to be generated, and then an invoice. Is this how it will go?

Yes, this is how it will go. When a customer rings up with a query, the sale can be saved as a draft. The sale can then be edited and saved as a quote. The quote can then be sent to the potential customer. Once they accept the quote, can save the sale as “on-order” , and generate a packing slip. We can change the packing slip template to look like a delivery note. Once done, can finally generate an invoice.

Can I import my quotes and have reminders set up?

You cannot import existing quotes into Tidy.

Is there QR code generation/ reading support?

QR code generation/ scanning is a feature that is on our roadmap.

How do I change a user password?

Click on your name on the top right hand corner. This will bring up the User profile page, where you can set a new password. Please see screen capture below:

When a purchase order has been approved can a team member change green status to sent, rather than the manager having to do it?

With the PO approval process, there is a sub permission within the Purchase role relating to approvals. If the team member only has “Purchaser” ticked, they can only create draft POs. If the team member has “Can this purchaser approve purchase orders?”, then they can approve POs and also change their status to sent.

Why can’t I see the customers screen/ list?

For a user to be able to see the customers screen/ list, they need the System administrator permission

What are the differences between the user roles?

Team members can have permissions such as invoiced, salesperson, and reporter. For example, a reporter is a user who can generate reports. The permissions for Team members are less than the permissions that Managers have. Manager members have the permission choices of either: Resource Administrator and System administrator. They will have higher permissions and more access to features.

Is it sensible to upload all products before assembling a product?

Yes, you won’t be able to create an assembly if you don’t have the components in Tidy.

Do you have detailed instructions about uploading a bulk product file please?

Go to TidyAcademy and search for the ‘Bulk import materials’ document. This provides a step-by-step on how to bulk import materials.

I am having trouble reformatting the file to be able to upload data. What do I do?

Ensure that all material item codes and names are unique.

Can import be done via excel/ csv sheet? Or does it need to be done manually?

Yes, you can import your material items by a csv using the import/export tab to complete a bulk imort.

I want to sign up, but my trial has expired. What do I do?

You will need to sign up to a brand new trial in order to sign up to the product. If you want to retain the same URL we can make this change later.

How do you deal with my stock lists ensuring the most up to date are uploaded?

Once you sign up, we can upload the customer list, and supplier list first. Therefore, the up to date stock list can be uploaded afterwards, so it’s not urgent. Get in contact with us via the support chat system on our website for assistance.

How long will I receive support after signing up and how much does it cost?

You will receive unlimited support without charge through the onboarding and after. All support for a customer is complimentary.

How do I clear all the inventory so I can test out my trial?

To remove all data during your trial, click START at the top of your screen and enter Setup mode. This removes all data in your TidyStock account accumulated from Preview mode and you can start entering your own data. To delete a specific material, location, or supplier, etc., you can click the bin icon at the end of the row. Some may require disabling before deleting.

Shall I clear my own data in the trial when I want to purchase the product?

If you have cleared the demo data while in the trial mode and have imported real data into the trial, which you want to keep when you sign up, do not clear existing data.

What happens when I clear the demo data in the trial?

There is no data in the trial and you can upload your own.

I can’t login, it says my email and password are incorrect?

Was your domain working? (the URL you use to log in to Tidy).
When you loaded your URL, was an error message displayed or did it display the login screen?

Were you having trouble logging into your Tidy Stock account from this page?

Send in a screen capture to help us narrow down the issue?

Can you resend my activation email for my trial?

Tidy can't resend the activation email, but we can set-up a brand new trial for you to use. Get in contact with someone from our support team via the support chat on our website.

Why is my screen freezing, I have to log out and log back in?

Data freezing: when this happens, we would like more informatio. Ideally send a screenshot, and tell us exactly where in the software the issue is. With any reports that may have connected to speed issues. We have a system where we manually record complaints to make continuous improvements using a process of elimination.

We need:

  • custome name
  • date and time of error
  • function being used
  • any screen captures you feel are informative

We encourage you to report these problems via our chat system, this will raise a support ticket. This allows multiple staff members to see, and deal with the problem quicker.

Is there an app?

Tidy comes in a web app, so is available on whichever device you need it, whenever you need it, without having to worry about installing, or keeping it up to date.

Where do I log in to my account?

When you first sign up for a trial, you will be sent a URL to log in from. Make sure to save this email or bookmark this page to make it easy to find the login page again! Then enter your email and password to log in.

How do I reset my password?

If you cannot remember your password, click Forgot your Password? on the login page, and you will be sent an email. In this email, there will be a link to click to reset your password.

You will then be sent a second email with a randomly generated password to log in with. Once you're in your account, click on your name in the top-right corner to set a new password.

We're a non-profit organisation, are there any special pricing plans available?

Yes, through our TidyGiving program, we offer special pricing plans to all eligible non-profit organisations.

To find out more about this offer, please go to the TidyGiving program.

How do I update my payment card information

To update your credit/debit card, please send an email to with your request to update your credit card.

You will be sent a return email showing the URL to our 'Stripe' Payment Gateway Customer Portal. Paste the URL in a new tab.

Important: You must check the URL to ensure it has as the domain in the URL and no variants, such as If you are unsure at all, please call us and have this verified.

This screen will appear:

Enter the email address associated with your Tidy subscription and click on "Send Code."

Another screen will appear asking you to enter the confirmation code as per the email sent to you, you have ten minutes in which to do so. Once you have entered the code, the next screen is where you can update your credit/debit card or billing information.

NOTE: If you do not receive an email, please check you have entered the correct email address associated with your Tidy subscription.

What subscription currency do I select?

Your subscription currency must be the same as your base accounting currency. If you have selected a base accounting currency that is neither AUD, EURO, GBP or NZD, then you must choose the USD subscription option.

How do I upgrade/downgrade my subscription?

If you wish to make a change to your current pricing plan (as shown on each invoice), please email

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit or Debit card is our preferred method of payment. However, we do accept payment upon receipt of invoice if payment is to be made by bank transfer. We do not offer direct debit.

How do I renew my subsription?

Your subscription renews automatically at the end of each month/year. Please maintain your users to ensure you do not get charged for users who are no longer active.

How many users can I have? How much does each user cost?

During your trial, you can have as many users as you like. However, when you convert to a paid subscription, the number of users you can have depends on the plan you are on. There may be additional charges for extra users.

For more information about additional users, check out our pricing pages.

Which plan is best for my business?

To find out which plan is best for your business, and compare the different plans head over to our pricing page

What happens at the end of my free trial?

Once your free trial expires, you will no longer be able to access your trial. If you need more time to decide whether Tidy is right for you, you can request a free 7-day extension, and then a further 21-day extension for a small fee.

If you'd like to do so, please contact