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TidyStock FAQs

Can you tell me more about how I can use the assemblies feature in TidyStock?

Please find below a URL link to our TidyAcademy guide that explains assemblies:

Is it possible to bulk import new sales into TidyStock via a CSV file?

If you are referring to importing sales that have already been entered in Xero, then the answer is no. However, TidyStock does offer a bulk import tool that connects via the API (available on the Jet Plan), which allows you to bulk import Sales Orders.

Can I bulk import invoices from Xero into TidyStock and have them appear as draft invoices under Sales & Purchases/Sales - Status "draft"?

No, you cannot directly import invoices from Xero into TidyStock. Instead, sales are created in TidyStock and then flow through to Xero as either draft or final invoices, depending on your invoice setup in the Settings. You can also view a PDF of the invoice in TidyStock. For more information on importing options, please refer to the Bulk Data Import/Export section under Global Settings > Import/Export.

Can TidyStock be used for stock taking and profit and loss analysis in a bar setting?

TidyStock can manage inventory. The main means of inventory change are the Purchase Order and the Sales Order. Adjustments may be made for the likes of stock take and handling damages.
All Sale Order and Purchase Order invoicing is performed via a connection to your Xero account

How do I migrate stock from Xero to TidyStock?
Why can't I see the physical stock in my Xero account even though I have connected Xero and TidyStock together?

TidyStock is an inventory management system that is designed to be separate from Xero. Xero inventory is another inventory management system. TidyStock has no connection to Xero inventory. TidyStock connects with Xero for Sales invoicing and account mapping. When inventory transactions are created in TidyStock for a managed item, the Stock on Hand account on the balance sheet updates. When a purchase order is received in TidyStock, a bill payable is created in Xero. When a Sale is invoiced in TidyStock, the invoice appears in Xero.

If we generate an invoice from Xero, similar to how SAGE operates, will the information from Tidy be integrated into Xero to complete the process?

When the “Save and Invoice” button on a Sale is clicked, the invoice will be generated and sent to Xero. You can view and email the invoice in TidyStock, and view and email the invoice in Xero. The quantities and prices that were on the Sale when the “Save and Invoice” button is clicked, will appear on the invoice in both TidyStock and Xero.

Is a PDF sent from TidyStock to Xero that displays the same information in both applications?

When you create a Sale Order in TidyStock, and “Save and Invoice”, an invoice is generated in Xero. This invoice will reflect all customer information, material items, charges, taxes, discounts, invoice branding theme etc. When you receive the goods from a Purchase Order in TidyStock, a Xero supplier invoice is created. This reflects all supplier information, material items, taxes, costs etc.

How does the integration/syncing process work? And will it work for our company? Do we create purchase orders, quotes, invoices in Tidy stock and it is all synced to Xero?

Yes, invoices are synced to Xero. When you “Save and Invoice” a Sale Order in TidyStock, it saves the order information (Customer, Description, Quantity, Price, Taxes etc) and sends the order information to Xero to create an invoice.

The invoice does reappear back in TidyStock to download/email to the Customer, however all payment and management of the invoice is done in Xero.

You create Purchase Orders in TidyStock. When you receipt (book) the Purchase Orders into Stock, it will send a Supplier Purchase Invoice to Xero.

Sale Orders and Quotes are made in TidyStock. Once you invoice them, they are sent through to Xero (process outlined above).

How does TidyStock work with Xero?

TidyStock connects with Xero for Sales invoicing and account mapping. When inventory transactions are created in TidyStock for a managed item, the Stock on Hand account on the balance sheet updates. When a purchase order is received in TidyStock, a bill payable is created in Xero. When a Sale is invoiced in TidyStock, the invoice appears in Xero.

You can connect your Xero account to TidyStock. TidyStock is a separate inventory management system but integrates financial data (such as customer invoices, supplier invoices, stock adjustment journals, credit notes and customer account mapping) with Xero.

We need a Stock Management System with the ability to upload files from our suppliers (for new products/price increases) and ability to allocate stock items to sales invoices. Can TidyStock do this?

Yes, TidyStock has all this capability.

Does TidyCommerce integrate with TidyStock?

TidyCommerce integrates seamlessly with TidyStock. Key financial data flows from Tidy through to Xero ensuring your financial accounting records are always up to date in real-time.

What is the difference between TidyStock Essentials and TidyStock Turbo?

The 'pricing levels' feature is available in the TidyStock Turbo Plan. There are a couple of other features on Turbo but other than that there is no difference between the two.

Does TidyStock integrate with Squarespace or Zettle UK POS?

TidyStock does not integrate with Squarespace or Zettle UK POS.

Is the API able to link all fields so that they completely match?

The API can link any information you input into TidyStock Sales and/or Purchase Orders.

What kind of reports does TidyStock run?

There are different types of stock reports that can be run in TidyStock. Also, please keep in mind, there is a possibility of Tidy International making bespoke types of reports for you that are tailored for your business.

Can we put in weights, dimensions, wattage, to generate reports to show technical aspects in TidyStock?

You can have products in certain weights and lengths, but nothing for wattage in TidyStock.

Can we identify multiple batch numbers and serial numbers in TidyStock?

Currently, TidyStock is really only designed to handle ONE set of Batch Numbers or Serial Numbers (not both). See screenshots below:

Graphical user interfaceDescription automatically generated with medium confidence

The above screenshot indicates that a unique identifier (we call it Batch No.) is given to a quantity of 5 items. Of course, this could be considered a Batch, however, if you were to give it a quantity of 1, then it could be classified as a Serial Number (as all Serial Numbers are unique). You can have as many unique identifiers for these items as you like.

You cannot set up two unique identifiers, one for Batches and one for Serial Numbers. However, if you like, you could have the items set up as follows:

TableDescription automatically generated

Here we can see that the first part of the number before the hyphen is the Serial Number, and the last part is the Batch Number. For tracking and reporting purposes, we can report on both the Serial Number and/or the Batch Number (if you were to enable production and expiry dates, this can be reported on too).

Can I have batch/serial number tracking with TidyStock?

Yes, TidyStock allows for batch/ serial number tracking.

You can read more about batches here

Why can’t I see the batches feature in my TidyStock trial?

The Batches feature is only available in the TidyStock Jet Plan. Contact our support team to have this feature switched on.

Can TidyStock manage multiple price tiers?

TidyStock can manage multiple price tiers, but the price tier category is not displayed on the invoice.

Does TidyStock have the facility for adding pricing?

Yes, TidyStock has the facility for adding pricing. You can set up different pricing levels for different customers for sales orders, you can also do customer pricing overrides. And for purchase orders, you can manually change the unit cost if the material item or batch is bought on a different price. You can also see the history for the purchase orders, and last purchase cost. TidyStock also has batch number tracking and expiry date function too.

Does TidyStock have the ability to track price changes on materials?

Currently, TidyStock does not have the capability to track changes in "Supplier Catalogue Price" and "Unit Charge". Therefore, there is no price history of a certain part/ material. You can check the "Last purchase cost" history of a material item which tells you the cost you purchased the item for, the PO number reference and the date. However, if a material item is managed, then the "Unit cost" is updated on a weighted average cost basis.

Once a sale is made, and it has been sold, has it got the ability to RMA/ credit it back into Tidy? Can it manage that?

Yes. TidyStock has the ability to credit a Sale order and return the goods into Stock.

When there is an enquiry from a potential customer, we want a seamless process for it to go from enquiry, to quote, to delivery note generation, and then an invoice. Is this how it will go?

Yes. When a customer rings up with a query, the Sale can be saved as a draft. The sale can then be edited and saved as a quote. The quote can then be sent to the potential customer. Once they accept the quote, you can save the sale as "On-order", and generate a packing slip. We can change the packing slip template to look like a delivery note. Once done, you can generate an invoice.

Can you create an invoice in Tidy? Will Xero and Tidy tie the numbers together?

When you click "Save and invoice" on a sale, a screen will appear stating that the Sale is complete. You can download the invoice from that screen. If you go back to the Sale order list, you will see the Sale in the list with a reference to the invoice number. You will se the invoice number in Xero, under invoices.

In summary, once a sale is invoiced in Tidy Stock, the invoice is created in Xero and appears in Tidy Stock.

Is there a workaround for stock tracking in TidyStock?

If "Ignore stock levels on unmanaged items" is ticked, then you can sell as many as you require, and the stock levels won't be tracked.

Do you have QR code generation/ reading support in TidyStock?

QR code generation/ scanning is a feature that is on our roadmap.

Can I copy an old purchase order to a new purchase order rather than having to rewrite it?

If we have switched on the Sale and Purchase order cloning feature, you will have a cloning icon next to your purchase orders.

Are there EU options for tax that can be added?

TidyStock can work with multiple currencies and tax rates.

How would barcoding work with TidyStock?

Currently, a barcode scanner functions as a keyboard. If you scan an item's barcode on a sale or purchase order, it will search for the item. If you have barcode scanning connected in the computer using TidyStock, then you can scan the items barcode and it will enter the item on a sale order/ purchase order. The barcode scanner acts as an auxiliary keyboard.

How do I set the minimum stock re-order level and the maximum level?

The stock reorder levels are associated with the location specific values of stock level and stock max level. From the details pane of the item click the edit icon next to the total stock level value, then the following window will appear on the screen:

How do I get rid of the e-product code on my stock level warnings page? It’s not a physical product.

If an E-PROD code appears on the stock warnings dashboard, it means there has been a stock reorder level set up for the item. See screenshot below:

If you were to remove the reorder level, then the item will disappear from the dashboard.

Will I be able to scan all stock into TidyStock via a barcode system?

TidyStock is not able to scan goods into stock at this stage.

This is what the PO goods receipt screen looks like:

Once you proceed and comfirm with the receipt, the stock levels will increase in the system. This section is not designed with barcode scanning in min. It is for physical check of the goods, and then ensuring the ‘Received’ column is the same amount as what was delivered.

Can I have multiple locations/ warehouses in TidyStock?

Yes, see TidyAcademy to learn how to add multiple locations to TidyStock.

Does TidyStock manage bin locations?

TidyStock is able to track inventory over multiple sites. However, when somebody says track inventory within those sites, they may be referring to Bin locations.

TidyStock currently cannot manage bin locations, but there are workarounds that can become complex.Using the Location feature as a workaround is theoretically possible, you can only sell out of one location for a Sale order- so can only sell materials out of one bin location, you cannot sell different material items out of different locations on the same sale.

Why does the Unit cost need to changed?

If your supplier has put their prices up, then you may like to use the Catalogue price field instead. The catalogue price is the supplier’s price for the item and overrides the items unit cost as the default for purchase orders.

I need to be able to split Raz need categories and Sub-categories with regards to Consumables and inventory. Is this possible in Tidy Stock?

TidyStock can manage categories and sub categories. See TidyAcademy to know how.

If I enter the customers on Tidy, do they automatically export to Xero? Or is it better to set them up on Xero then import to Tidy?

When a sale is created for a customer in TidyStock, and that sale is invoiced, TidyStock checks if the customer is mapped to a Xero contact. If it is not mapped to a Xero contact, then it will create a new contact in Xero automatically.

Does TidyStock work without Wifi and the internet?

You will need internet access to use TidyStock. If you do not have internet access it can't be used. However, you can use our API to do a data back-up on your end periodically.

How do I delete or clear data from my trial?

To clear data during your trial, click START at the top of your screen and enter Setup Mode. This deletes all demo data in your TidyStock account accumulated from Preview Mode and you can start entering your own data.

To delete a specific material, location, or supplier, etc., you can click the rubbish bin icon at the end of the row. Some things may require you to disable before deleting.

How does TidyStock value stock?

TidyStock uses a weighted average cost method for inventory valuation

How do I add my logo and company name to invoices and delivery notes?

Go to Company under Global Settings. In the General tab, you can add your company name and upload a logo. These will appear on your purchase orders, quotes, and packing slips.

What is the maximum code length?

It depends what the code is for!

Material items: 25 characters

Suppliers: 10 characters

Customers: 10 characters

Does TidyStock have hotkeys/keyboard shortcuts?


You may need to reset your internet browser back to default settings for these hotkeys to work.

How do I do a stock take or stock valuation?

Under the Reporting tab, you can download a Stocktake List to aid you with a manual stocktake. Once you complete your stocktake, you can do a stock adjustment in TidyStock for any discrepancies. See How to complete a stock adjustment.

How do I delete a location?

To delete a material location, you must first disable it and archive it. The bin icon will then appear. Click on the bin icon to delete the location.

If you have transactions, projects, or materials that use this location, it cannot be deleted. You cannot delete locations that have been used in transactions before. However, you can still hide the location from view by disabling or archiving it.

Can I set up a bill of materials (BOM)?

Yes! In Tidy, a bill of materials is known as an “assembly.” Assemblies are top-level finished products comprised of individual material item components.

To learn more about this, see How to create an assembly.

Can I have negative stock?

Yes, you can still create sales orders when you do not have sufficient stock. This creates a backorder.

See Invoicing without dispatching stock for more information.

How do I see low stock alerts?

Head to the Stock Level Warnings screen under Inventory to see which items are running low on stock. You can set a custom threshold for low stock depending on how far in advance you want items to appear on this screen.

See How to use the stock level warnings screen for more information.

Why can't I edit my material item's unit cost?

If it's a managed item, you cannot directly edit its unit cost because the item value is tracked in Xero. If you need to update the unit cost because your supplier has updated their pricing, you can add the new unit cost in the catalogue price field. When you make a purchase at the catalogue price value, the item's overall unit cost will update as a weighted average.

See How to use catalogue pricing for more information.

How do I give a quote?

When you create a sale, you can save it as a quote. This quote can then be downloaded as PDF or directly emailed to the customer.

Is a packing slip the same as a delivery note?

Yes! TidyStock provides a standard packing slip template that can be customised into a delivery note.

Can I add materials to a purchase order after it has been closed/received?


How do I export a list of unreceived purchase orders?

Go to Reports under the Reporting tab and click on report ST08 Purchase Order Report. Select Not Received for the status then click Run to download the report to your device.

Can a team member change the status of a purchase order once it has been approved, rather than having a manger do it?

Yes!  Under your Company Settings, if Require Purchase Order Approval is selected, make sure to enable Can this Purchaser approve Purchase Orders? under the specific user’s permissions.

Can I assign a salesperson to a sale?

Yes, you can use Xero's tracking categories for this. In Xero, create a tracking category called "salesperson," then add all relevant staff members names to the category. Then click "Update Tracking Categories" in the Xero section of TidyStock. Now when you create a sale, the field "salesperson" will appear and you can select a name.

How do I account for freight and other service items in TidyStock

Create a material category for freight in TidyStock and map it to the appropriate Xero account. Also create an unmanaged item called "Freight Charge" or something similar and set freight as its material category. Once the item is created, edit the item and remove the number within the Stock Level field to make it blank. This will make the item non-depleting.

You will now be able to select freight as an item on Sales Orders.

What is the best way to change my Xero invoice settings?

In the Xero section of TidyStock, under the Global Settings tab.

Which ways does TidyStock connect to Xero?

When you confirm a purchase order receipt in TidyStock, a supplier bill payable will be created in Xero. Once you save and invoice a sale order in TidyStock, it will create a customer invoice in Xero. When you make a stock adjustment in TidyStock, it will send through a stock adjustment journal to Xero. You can map TidyStock customers directly to Xero contacts when you create or edit a customer. If you send a supplier invoice from TidyStock to Xero for a contact that doesn't exist in your Xero account, a new supplier contact will be created in Xero. You can map your sales tax rates in TidyStock to tax rates in Xero.

What happens to my inventory value in Xero?

For managed items, your Xero inventory value will update when sales, purchases, and adjustments are made in TidyStock.

Do I need to connect to Xero

To get the most out of TidyStock, we recommend connecting to Xero. However, if you don't want to connect to Xero, select Allow Stock Management Without Accounting under the Company section of General Settings.