Frequently asked questions

TidyEnterprise FAQs

What is the best option to handle both Stock management and Project management?

TidyEnterprise can handle both.

How frequently does the price change for TidyEnterprise?

In the 10 years Tidy has been in business, there have only been a handful of price increases. We do not know of any impending price increases.

Can you explain more about what Complex Operations in TidyEnterprise is?

Complex Operations in TidyEnterprise allows for the management of both projects and inventory. However, many businesses require either project management or inventory management, not both.

Does TidyEnterprise integrate with Capsule CRM?

Head to TidyAcademy to see how Capsule CRM works with TidyEnterprise.

Can I manage inventory and track the value of it in Tidy?

Yes, TidyEnterprise is the optimal Tidy product for managing inventory and tracking its value.