Frequently asked questions

TidyWork FAQs

Can TidyWork generate reports that include the total VAT?

If you want to run reports so VAT is included, what is the purpose of this? If you require reports that include VAT, please specify the purpose, as tax-related matters are typically managed in Xero.

All reports in TidyWork are generated exclusive of Sales Tax (VAT, GST, etc.).

Time Management/Job costing System - we have a team of engineers and would want them to be able to log their time and allocate to jobs. We'd also want to do our schedule through this. Can TidyWork do this?

Our project management software TidyWork can handle scheduling and allocating time to jobs/projects.

What is the best criteria for a TidyWork customer to onboard remotely?
  1. An enthusiastic Tidy champion who is willing to learn the product independently.
  1. Manufacturing products in-house
  1. Doesn't have too many staff to learn the product (e.g., one person can do their staff time entry themselves on behalf of a few others).
Do Sales reports in TidyWork show VAT?

All reports in Tidy are exclusive of Sales Tax (VAT, GST etc). The values shown on these reports run in Tidy will be exclusive of VAT. So if it is a Sales report, every sale will be exclusive of VAT.

If tax is involved in any capacity, it should be managed within the financial accounting system, Xero.

So if they sell products to different customers, some with VAT and some with no VAT, then generating the VAT activity report is done in Xero.

We can invoice a customer with specific tax settings, such as VAT or no VAT, configured in TidyWork's customer settings.

In addition to reminders of being low on stock, what else can TidyWork remind me of?

TidyWork does not provide real-time pop-up reminders to order materials.

You can look at the stock re-order dashboard, but need to click on items to re-order them.

Customer order tracking is limited to Sales orders in TidyStock/TidyEnterprise.

If you want project management, you need TidyEnterprise.

I want to receive a purchase order, but I do not have the truck icon?

The orange truck icon, indicating that a purchase order can be received, appears only if the purchase order's status is set to 'sent'.

Why can’t I see all purchase orders?

To view all purchase orders, click 'Advanced' and then configure the date range.